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About Us

A short brief about okapia

Inception  in  2013,  okapia  officially started  its  operation  in  Bangladesh  from July 3rd,2014  with  a  broader perspective to serve people with supreme quality cell phones and other handheld devices.We  have  partnerships  with  key  retailers  nationally  and  are  continuing  to  expand  daily.  We strive to keep our consumers up-to-date with the newest innovations of smart phones as we continue to upgrade  our  product  line.okapia is highly concerned about  customer  satisfaction  as  it’s number  1  priority  by  providing  quality products  at  an  affordable  price.


The employees working at okapia call themselves okapians. It’s an organization with more than 600 employees. Okapians believe that they can change anything; they are devoted, friendly, sporty and efficient when it comes to work  and okapians work together as a team.  okapians believe they are the champions.     

Product Range:

okapia has a wide range of smart phones and feature phones in the product basket to meet the need of  consumers at different levels.   

Style & design

okapia smart phones are stylish and smart enough to grab your attention at the first sight. okapia smart phones has unique features to fulfill your requirements that you look for in a smart phone.   

Outlets & SIS:

“okapia”  operates sales with four different forms of outlets such as Exclusive Branded  Outlets, Fast Track(semi branded outlet), okapia Priority Partner Outlets and General Outlets. Never the less okapia also has a strong Corporate Sales team to provide fluent corporate services.

Service Centers:

Since service is the first priority “okapia” is really looking forward to be the best in service and provide first class service from service centers situated in different parts of the nation. These service centers are capable of serving 7-15 people at a time with maximum 3 days lead time.  All of them are  equipped with  tools and  accessories  to  meet  95%  service  related  issues.  The minimum lead time for each service is 2 hours and the maximum is 3 days.